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On This Livecast You’ll Receive:

A Complete System Of PROVEN Marketing Campaigns To Sell Cyber Security Solutions To NEW And Existing Clients:

Multiple cyber security sources are predicting an onslaught of vicious cyber-attacks coming THIS YEAR due to the COVID-19 work-from-home mandates. That, plus the growing number of government regulations regarding data privacy, not only gives you an opportunity to sell more advanced and comprehensive services, but also a responsibility to sell existing clients more robust backup, compliance and cyber security protections. If you’re not selling these solutions to your existing clients right now, you can bet that one of your competitors will. My goal for this event is to give you everything you need to sell these services successfully to existing AND new clients alike.
Join us for FREE to gain:

  • A Deep-Dive Discussion On How To Package And Price MSSP Services: We’ll have an expert panel of successful MSPs talking about how they are packaging and pricing their cyber security solutions for maximum client protection and profitability. They’ll cover their solution stack, the vendors they use (and why), how they bundle together solutions and how they talk to their clients to get them to invest and comply with their recommendations.
  • NEW And Critical Information To Keep Your Own MSP Secure From Ransomware: It’s an MSP’s biggest nightmare, you wake up one morning to discover a hacker has gained access to all your tools, passwords, and clients and is demanding a HUGE ransom to restore your clients’ data. Clients are devastated and ANGRY. Even IF you can restore all the data, this happened on YOUR watch. YOU were supposed to keep them safe. YOU were the one they trusted to keep them protected and you FAILED.

    Such an event can DESTROY your business overnight, with clients firing you and writing nasty reviews about you (best case) or hiring an aggressive lawyer with a BIG chip on their shoulder to sue you for everything you’ve got. If your competitors catch wind of this (and they will), they’ll use it against you, destroying your reputation and making it impossible to get new clients. So, what should you do NOW to prevent this?

    During this LIVECAST we’ll have several experts addressing this HUGE and growing problem for MSPs.
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Who Should Attend:

  1. The IT services company or MSP that wants to capitalize on the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions and services.

    It’s FAR easier to succeed in business (and marketing!) when you’re riding a wave of preexisting consumer demand – and right now, leading with cyber security solutions IS your fastest and easiest ticket in the door. You’ll leave this Livecast with specific, actionable marketing strategies you can instantly implement to attract more clients, close more sales and protect and serve your current clients more effectively.

  2. The MSP that doesn’t want to be left behind when it comes to delivering cybersecurity services.

    With growing threats and new data privacy and protection laws cropping up almost daily, you MUST be talking to your clients and prospects about cybersecurity or you’ll quickly fall behind. This event will give you a number of NEW strategies, NEW vendors and NEW solutions that I can practically guarantee you’ve never heard of – or used – for packaging pricing, delivering and selling cybersecurity solutions AND keeping your current clients safe.

  3. The CEO and/or Sales and Marketing executive that wants to inject a renewed focus into marketing, growth and sales post COVID-19.

    Right now, many MSPs are unsure and cautious about how to start back up their marketing efforts. During this event, we’ll give you NEW templates, NEW campaigns and NEW ideas to allow you to start marketing again WITHOUT offending anyone or completely missing the mark with clients and prospects.

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Event Speakers And Agenda

Robin Robins | Technology Marketing Toolkit | Cyber Security Livecast

Technology Marketing Toolkit

A Step-By-Step Process To Effortlessly Close A Cyber Security Sale With Even The Most Stubborn, Penny-Pinching Prospects And Clients

Let’s face it: selling cyber security solutions is FAR MORE DIFFICULT than it should be. Prospects stubbornly argue that they are “fine” or believe “that won’t happen TO ME,” even though we know statistically it’s only a matter of time. Further, the news and hype around cybercrime is making it FAR MORE difficult to sell “prevention” IT solutions, not less, because it’s desensitizing people to the dangers and, in a strange way, reinforcing their stubborn beliefs that it won’t happen to them every time an attack occurs where they weren’t compromised. To make matters worse, NOBODY likes to spend money on cyber security.

During this special session, Robin will give you a step-by-step process for presenting and selling cyber security solutions that will make the prospect EAGER to buy without a lot of “convincing” and without discounting. You’ll receive:

  • complete sales presentation blueprint, from start to finish, that will enable you to close the maximum number of prospects without discounting, sales games or a lot of “convincing.”
  • How to eliminate the “We’re fine” sales objection and get your prospect to see the flaws in their current provider (or situation) without bad-mouthing them.
  • How to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the price objection from ever coming up when closing a sale.
  • A proven way to avoid being handed down to a non-decision-maker in the sales process.
  • A checklist (and templates) of what you should send EVERY prospect BEFORE your initial sales meeting to presell you and your solutions.
  • My most powerful method for getting any prospect to tell you exactly how to close them, and the ONLY closing technique and script you’ll ever need.
  • How to elegantly uncover the truth about hidden concerns and objections that can derail your sale.
  • The secret to instantly getting paid more without appearing to raise your prices OR nickel-and-diming your clients.
  • The CORRECT way to deliver a proposal so you don’t get ignored, price-shopped or “ghosted” by your client or prospect.
Bruce McCully | Galactic Advisors

Galactic Advisors

Building and Packaging a Cyber Security Stack that Sells Itself

If you are a CEO, engineer, or marketing person looking to increase your revenue and protect your clients, this is the one session you do not want to miss. Bruce will cover 3 simple steps you need to build, package and sell your cyber security stack. He’s got something for you whether you’ve been working on a cyber security solution for years, or you are just getting started.

Feeling all zoomed out? Not sure this virtual session is worth your time? Read on, to see if you should actually just skip this session:

  • Are you turning away clients or prospects because they are unwilling to invest in your cyber security stack?
  • Do your clients get upset when you take away their domain administrative rights, set up MFA, or require them to use a VPN?
  • Have you ever had a client tell you, I’ve been doing it this way for years and haven’t been hacked yet?
  • Are you not sure what should be in your 2021 security stack to protect users at their office, with cloud solutions or working from home?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, you better attend. Stop reading, sign up, and block it in your calendar!

Bruce will give you an easy framework to cut through the noise and increate your revenue WHILE putting the protections in place your clients need.

Eric Torres | Datto

Blackpoint Cyber

The Unfair Fight: War Stories from the Blackpoint Security Operations Center

Join Jon Murchison, CEO and Founder of Blackpoint Cyber and former NSA cyber operative, as he shares the most common types of threats that are being detected in the Blackpoint Security Operations Center and how they differ from common threats of the past. The threat landscape changes every day, and sometimes its hard to keep up - don't miss your chance to see what hackers are up to TODAY.

Eric Torres | Datto


Staying Ahead Of The Changing Attack Landscape With Zero Trust

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to evade EDR, antivirus, and other threat detection tools. This points to the need for a different approach: Zero Trust.
Join ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins to learn how a Zero Trust approach protects against ransomware when threat detection fails.

  • Learn about the evolution of ransomware and see a live demo of new tactics hackers use to steal data.
  • Understand why EDR, antivirus, and other threat detection tools are not enough to protect against emerging cyber threats.
  • Learn how to protect against modern ransomware attacks with a new and critical approach to achieving a Zero Trust architecture.
  • Understand how to ensure your software does not step out of its lane and steal your data through malicious behavior. 
  • Learn how to control administrative rights to prevent users from jumping to infiltrate connected applications within the network.. and more!

This Event Is Co-Hosted By The Following Companies:

Blackpoint Cyber was established by former US Department of Defense cyber security experts. Leveraging its real-world cyber experience, its security operations and incident response platform SNAP-Defense, and its 24x7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, Blackpoint helps organizations of all sizes protect their infrastructures and operations.
ThreatLocker® uses a more logical approach to stop viruses and malware from affecting your business. ThreatLocker® Application Control uses a combination of Application Whitelisting and RingFencing™ to protect your business from known and unknown malware threats. With ThreatLocker® RingFencing™ software applications are ring fenced inside a perimeter, preventing them from launching attacks on your system and severely limiting any damage caused by malware or vulnerabilities in applications.
Webroot, an OpenText company, harnesses the cloud and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive cyber resilience solutions for businesses, individuals, and managed service providers. Cyber resilience means being able to stay up and running, even in the face of cyberattacks and data loss. That’s why we provide endpoint protection, network protection, security awareness training, and threat intelligence services used by market leading technology providers worldwide. Leveraging the power of machine learning to protect millions of businesses and individuals, we secure the connected world. Webroot operates globally across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Discover cyber resilience at webroot.com.


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